Xrays can be mailed to me to photograph for similar treatment. I would need the actual film, not digital files.
med-001 Knees x raysmed-002 Mary's Hands Holding Nary's Handsmed-003 Teeth Color Xraysmed-004 Color Xray Spine Side Viewmed-005 Color Xray Spine Front Viewmed-007 Color Xray of Feetmed-008 Color Xray of a Footmed-009 Ankle Color Xraymed-010 Color Xray of Chestmed-011 Colon Color Xraymed-012 Head MRI Color Xraymed-013 Wrist Plate Color Xraymed-014 Knee Replacement color xraymed-015 Knee Replacement Color Xraymed-016 Hip Replacement Color Xraymed-017 Hand Color Xraymed-018 C Spine Color Xraymed-019 C Spine Color Xraymed-020 C Spine Color Xraymed-021 Shoulder Color Xray

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